Frequently Asked Questions

A. The District has implemented its Pandemic Plan. We are in Level 2, which occurs when an outbreak occurs in the state of California. The District Task Force is monitoring San Mateo Health, CDC, and World Health Organization recommendations and will communicate any changes in our Pandemic Plan status.
A. The District is following operational guidelines from San Mateo County Health and the Centers for Disease Control, and is also communicating with the San Mateo County Office of Education. At this point we have no plans to close, but we will follow guidelines from those agencies.
A. The District Task Force is identifying ways to continue to provide students with instruction even in the event of a campus closure, using technology. The Task Force is also making recommendations for business continuity such as payroll, information technology, facilities maintenance, and public safety. More information will be forthcoming as plans are revised.
A. Business-related travel is still allowed and employees should feel free to participate in travel or conferences as planned. If you are concerned about upcoming travel plans, please consult with your supervisor to determine whether to change or cancel your plans. The campus Vice Presidents of Administration will determine how to handle payment or reimbursement of travel expenses for changed or canceled trips.
A. Please take care of yourself and your family. If you have childcare disruptions, please work out arrangements with your supervisor. All District supervisors are asked to be as flexible as is practical with employees.
A. Stay home if you are sick. Please take care of yourself and your family/loved ones, including taking sick time to care for others if necessary. Employees should document their sick time on leave reports/time sheets, and faculty should communicate with their dean when staying home sick. We ask that supervisors and co-workers grant flexibility and understanding for people who are home sick.
A. Please let students know they should stay home if they are ill. Be flexible with students and work with them to make alternate arrangements for completing coursework or exams.
A. People returning from affected areas may be placed on restrictions to their movements for up to two weeks, per CDC guidelines. If you have a student or employee who is subject to those restrictions, please coordinate with them to allow them to work from home, or complete coursework, to the extent possible.
A. There were 18 SMCCCD students in Florence, Italy as part of the District’s Study Abroad program. The students have been recalled per CDC recommendations and will be returning in the next two days. Returning students will be subject to CDC procedures for travelers returning from abroad.
A. The District task Force has placed priority on stocking, resupplying, and distributing soap and cleaning supplies across the campuses and the District Office. The Facilities team is working to enhance the level of cleanliness on our campuses.
A. Blaming certain groups or individuals for this outbreak is wrong and will not be tolerated. Be mindful of stigmatizing behavior and call it out when you see it.