March 27 Flex Day Update

The District, AFT, and District Academic Senate have agreed to provide faculty with the flexibility to determine for what purpose they need to use the former Flex Day that was scheduled for March 27. Therefore, March 27 is now flexible time for faculty to use as they see fit. There will be no formal professional development activities that day.

Given that we canceled three days of instruction for professional development to prepare to transition fully online, some faculty may wish to hold their class via Zoom if it was scheduled in order to make up for lost time. Other faculty might use the day for their own professional development to get more familiar with some of the tools they are using with the assistance of their colleagues. Will others might need the time to take care of themselves and their families. In short, with AFT and Senate’s support, faculty have discretion and flexibility to use March 27 for whatever you need to do to continue to maintain instructional continuity for students.